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Biogetica is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate therapies and information for all ailments. There is a lot of learning and growth involved in moving from disease to ease, and we hope to be your guides in that process. We, at Biogetica, hope to heal you of any stress that disease has brought into your life. Using our liquid remedies and doing the meditations should help you make the transition from disease to ease. Every disease of the body is an opportunity for your soul to learn something new and get closer to its source. We hope to provide you with roadmaps on that journey.

Biogetica exclusively represents some of the most advanced Bioenergetic, Biotech, Biotherapeutic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic labs that have effectively integrated timeless and comprehensive understanding of the universe and human body into their research and products. The commitment, dedication and manufacturing prowess of laboratories like Charak, SoHam, PHP, Euroexim and Reckeweg are apparent from the miraculous results that have turned around the lives of our customers. We, at Biogetica, constantly search the globe for healers, herbs and laboratories, in order to ensure that you wake up in a world where you never have to hear the words “there is no cure!”

Why Choose biogetica?

Biogetica (1)Modern medicine is progressing towards bioenergetics, as we look more and more to the building-blocks of nature, in our search for healing-solutions. Biogetica therapies are the evolutionary result of years of Homeopathic, Chinese, Ayurvedic, Sintergetic and Biotech research. The remedies deliver information, and energy – comprehensively triggering cellular, physiological, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual changes toward harmony – reaching from the physical body, far into the roots of consciousness, back into connection with the higher self or spirit.* Energetic and informational essences from specific atoms are released into the liquid remedies, which trigger healing mechanisms within the universe of the body.* Some biogetics and homeopathics work on the vaccine-principle — they administer similar energetic patterns as the disease itself, and the body counteracts to find balance.* Other biogetics and homeopathics give the body information on optimal function, thus coaxing it to achieve harmony.*

We, at Biogetica, are of the firm belief that treating an ailment on a molecular level alone seldom has a lasting effect, as the untreated emotional, social, mental, and energetic patterns cause it to re-manifest on a physical plane. Complete healing is necessary for lasting healing.

A percentage of our profits are used for charitable purposes.

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